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For the Love of Sports and Teeth July 30, 2012

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While the summer Olympics are going on and sports are on our minds, and with
many schools preparing to commence classes again soon, this seems like a good
time to talk about the importance of protecting the teeth during many physical
For many students “back to school” means increased time spent on practice of
sports and the events and games that go along with it.  Athletics, sports, and
recreational activities are often the cause of dental injuries. Contact sports
like football and activities such as skating or biking create situations where
intentional or accidental collisions, falls, and strikes to jaw or teeth are far
more likely to occur. Athletic mouth guards are one of the best ways to minimize
or negate any potential damage from such impacts.
Those who wear a mouth guard while participating in sports are much less likely
to sustain an injury that requires a trip to the dentist or results in the loss
of a tooth (or several teeth- yikes!) because the mouth guard is able to absorb
the brunt of the force and protect the teeth, gums, and part of the jaw bone surrounding the
teeth. And mouthguards don’t just help avoid having a tooth knocked out or
broken, but they also help protect against minor tooth chipping from less
forceful impacts and mitigate sports-related clinching and grinding.
We are big fans of the benefits of mouthguards at Mall of Georgia Dentitstry!  A
custom-made mouthguard offers the best protection, but any well-fitting
mouthguard that is worn consistently during such activities is effective.  
Please feel free to get in touch with our office and ask Dr. Vancil for advice
on your (or your child’s) specific situation 🙂 


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