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Are you brushing too hard? July 16, 2017

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Although usually done with good intentions, brushing your teeth too hard can be detrimental to your oral health. A vigorous scrubbing may seem like it would it result in the cleanest possible teeth, but the reality is that your gums and enamel need to be treated with care. Does your toothbrush look worn or frayed after only two months or less? You are brushing too hard.

Brushing with too much force can cause problems such as receding gums or eroded enamel. Those things can cause tooth sensitivity and may possibly lead to other more serious issues down the road, such as a need for gum surgery. Brushing hard is not doing any favors for your teeth.

It’s also very important to use a soft tooth brush, avoid using a hard brush  Hard bristles can be damaging to tooth enamel and cause gum recession. Use a soft-bristled brush and brush gently. A soft-bristled bush cleans just as thoroughly as any other brush and can give your gums a nice little massage while helping to remove plaque along the gum line if you brush properly.

There is no need to rush when you brush. Brushing really hard and vigorously does not make up for a lack of time spent brushing your teeth. The average person only brushes for about 45 seconds, far short of the recommended two minutes (120 seconds)! Take your time being gentle and thorough for the full two minutes. Think of brushing as a mini-massage or spa time for your teeth and really pamper them.

At Mall of Georgia Dentistry, we know you should take it easy on your teeth! Use a soft or extra-soft toothbrush, such as the Nimbus brand that we carry in our office. Also, many electric toothbrushes are great for people who brush too hard, some models even have sensors that alert you when you apply too much pressure, and they are designed to be gentle on teeth as well as being equipped with two-minute timers.  So if you’re one of those people who scrubs too much, call us and we’ll tell you what brushes can help you lighten up!





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