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Caring for Teeth With Braces May 21, 2017

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Taking good care of your teeth is particularly important when you have braces. It’s true that braces do make cleaning your teeth more difficult…  it takes a more time and a few extra tools to get around all that orthodontic hardware, but it’s so very important to clean your teeth as well as possible in order to prevent the occurrence of cavities or gum disease while you are wearing your braces.  Read on for some tips on how to go about it…

Brushing – Make sure you clean around your braces really well by brushing both above and below the wire and brackets.  Use a soft-bristled brush and be sure to brush along the gum line and the chewing surfaces of course, and make sure that your brush is reaching your teeth above and below the wire and brackets on all surfaces of the teeth.

Flossing –  Flossing is a little trickier with the wire in the way, so get a floss threader to help you get around the wire.  The threader will help you get the floss behind the wire and between your teeth (these are also useful for people with permanent retainers). You should floss daily.  Some people simply won’t have the patience to floss as often as they should. Tiny interdental brushes that can reach some way between the teeth, and divices like water picks or air flossers can also help clean between teeth with braces. Just remember there’s no substitute for flossing.

Professional Cleanings – It’s important to keep up with your routine dental hygiene visits while you are wearing braces. Be sure to let your dental office and dental hygienist know that you have braces so they can schedule enough time to clean thoroughly around them.

Fluoride –  Help prevent tooth decay and demineralization of the enamel by using a fluoride toothpaste and drinking flourinated water.

If you have any questions about caring for your teeth while you have braces, contact us at Mall of Georgia Dentistry! Wearing braces is a big investment, financially and otherwise… so invest that extra time in keeping you mouth in tip-top shape throughout your orthodontic experience.   You’ll be glad you did when the braces come off and your smile is not only perfectly aligned but also perfectly healthy!


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