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Athletic mouth guards: not just for Football September 11, 2016

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Football season has contact sports in the spotlight once again, and you’ve probably noticed the players are all wearing mouth guards.  Think those plastic, tooth-shielding thingamabobs are just for football? Think again! If you want to protect your smile for the long run, a custom-fitted mouth guard is a must for any athletic activity, team sport, or physical recreation.
It’s true that some sports, like American football, are higher-risk than others, but you would be wise to wear an athletic mouth guard while participating in any sport or activity where you could potentially fall or suffer a blow to the face.  While sports such as basketball may not require a mouth guard as part of standard equipment, wearing one could save your smile. Athletes of any sport should use a mouth guard to protect their teeth, mouth, and jaw from injury.
The list below is far from exhaustive, but consider the following sports and activities… do you (or your child) participate in them? If so, the risk of falls, collisions, or other accidents are substantial while engaging in such activities.
-Mountain Biking
-Martial Arts
-Horseback riding
All of the above actives are subject to falls, collisions, or accidental contact with a moving object (another player’s elbow or piece of sporting equipment, for example). So while a mouth guard may not be fashionable, it would be practical! A custom mouth guard offers superior protection and comfort over the off-the-self variety, and are made from high-quality, durable material to help to protect your mouth and jaw from impact.
Mall of Georgia Dentistry offers patients custom-fitted mouth guards suitable for professional athletes and weekend warriors alike, to protect your teeth on the field, in the court, at the park, at the dojo, on the trail… you get the idea! Give us a call and schedule an appointment. Impressions for a custom-fitted mouth guard are quick and easy, it only takes about 20 minutes. We’d love to help you protect your smile!


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