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Mouthguard Matters July 31, 2016

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It’s back to school time, and that means football season and many other school-year sports are starting up as well.  So it’s time to remind all our patients about the importance of a good-quality mouthguard!
All kinds of sports and activities raise the risk of dental injuries, but contact sports like football, soccer, and hockey have an increased likelihood of collisions with other players or equipment. Mouthguards help by dissipating the force of collisions, distributing the impact, and minimizing the effect on the teeth and gums.
Mouthguards are available over the counter, but a custom-made mouthguard from a  dentist has several advantages. They are more comfortable, allow for easier speech and breathing, and are intended to be more durable and effective. Although they are more expensive than over the counter options, they are much less expensive than treatment of injuries that could result if there is no mouthguard or if the mouthguard is poorly-fitted or inadequate!
Another advantage of a custom mouthguard could go beyond concern for the just the teeth and mouth.  One study found that professionally-fitted mouthguards made by a dentist were associated with a reduced risk of concussion among athletes. The study followed over 400 players from half a dozen high school football teams. Three of the teams were randomly assigned to wear custom-made mouthguards, and the other three teams wore only standard over the counter mouthguards, such as those from sporting goods stores. All of the football helmets were the same. The study found that 8.3 percent of athletes wearing the other the counter mouthguards suffered concussion injuries, but among the group wearing custom-made mouthguards, the rate of concussion was 3.6 percent.(You can read more about that study here.)
Is your child already wearing a good custom mouthguard? If so, good job! If not, Mall of Georgia Dentistry can help!  Give our office a call and we’ll be happy to answer any question about custom mouthguards. Making sure your child is properly protected while practicing and playing could save more than just their smile!


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