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The Best and worst Easter candy for your teeth March 26, 2016

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Easter is here, and- thanks to a ubiquitous bunny- baskets everywhere will be loaded with a variety of goodies and candy. All sugar-loaded candy has the potential to cause harm to your teeth, but some are worse than others. Let’s look at a few common and popular Easter basket favorites and how they fare for your smile:

Jelly Beans. Jelly beans are yummy, but unfortunately, their sticky, gooey-ness puts them on the list of worst for your teeth. Their jelly-ness is super clingy to tooth enamel, not only does it not wash away well but it doesn’t even brush off easily sometimes. When a sugary substance is stuck to your teeth like that for hours, the bacteria in your mouth get to feast on it and convert all that sugar into enamel-eroding acid, and opening the door for tooth decay. Skip or go easy on the jelly beans!

Peeps. Like jelly beans, these chewy marshmallow treats are sticky feasts for the bacteria that cause cavities. They come coated with an extra dose of sugar of the outside too. Best to avoid these or keep them very few.

Chocolate Bunnies. Plain chocolate (dark or milk) is one of the least sticky candies you can indulge in. It actually washes away from the teeth much more easily than sticky gooey candies. Water or even just your own saliva can remove most of it with relatively little trouble or effort. This one isn’t a worst offender, but moderation is key! Make sure go long periods between treats, constantly grazing on chocolate will just re-introduce sugar over and over to the bacteria that cause cavities.

Keep the candy-eating times few and far between, and drink plenty of water.  Every time you eat sugar, the mouths needs somewhere from 20 minutes to 2 hours to rebalance the acid levels, so frequent snacking does not give your teeth a chance to fully recover. Water is helpful to wash away the sugar and dilute the acids.We hope you’ll follow this advice and keep your smile healthy and bright. From all of us at Mall of Georgia Dentistry- Happy Easter!


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