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Thinking about bleaching? March 13, 2016

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Many people whiten their teeth using various methods, but the recommended products at Mall of Georgia Dentistry are those containing carbamide peroxide.  This whitening substance bleaches out stains that darken and color the teeth deep in the tooth’s dentin safely and effectively.  A tooth‘s color is mainly in the dentin underlying the relatively transparent crystalline structure of the enamel.  Enamel is actually permeable, so the dentin underneath can become stained by foods, drinks, and tobacco products.  Fortunately, carbamide peroxide bleaching products can also penetrate the enamel to remove stains.
Carbamide peroxide becomes hydrogen peroxide when in your mouth (carbamide peroxide is more stable and long-acting than plain old hydrogen peroxide).  The hydrogen peroxide further breaks down into water and oxygen.  It is the action of that oxygen that whitens teeth, by penetrating the enamel’s crystalline structure and destroying the pigments that make up the off-color stains in the dentin through oxidation- a process which breaks up the molecular bonds that make up the pigments.
Do you know why you should avoid so-called “whitening” toothpastes? They don’t have this mechanism that destroys stains in the dentin. Instead, they have abrasives are intended to scrub “stains” from the surface of the enamel. But, unfortunately, they also scrub off some of the enamel over time, and with consistent use, they cause thinning, weakened enamel.
So skip the whitening toothpaste, and get your regularly-scheduled in-office cleanings with a professional hygienist for the outside of your teeth and a good-quality carbamide peroxide bleaching product to lift the deeper stains. You can pick up easy-to-use whitening strips at our office, but by far, the most popular way to whiten teeth is with a home bleaching kit of custom bleaching trays and carbamide peroxide gel. Bleaching kits are faster and strong than strips, but no where near as pricey as in-office whitening. It’s the perfect fit for most people.
Don’t have custom bleaching trays? Give our office a call and make an appointment to get an at-home bleaching kit! After investing in the trays and initial set of 4 bleach tubes, trays can be kept for touch ups, and additional bleach tubes are very affordable. At Mall of Georgia Dentistry, we are here to help you take great care of your teeth and keep your smile fantastically bright!


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