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Tooth-friendly New Years Resolution Ideas January 3, 2016

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A whole fresh new calendar year always seems to inspire the need to get serious about making changes that can improve your life. Want to improve your smile in 2016? Here are a few simple changes you can make that will make your mouth healthy and and your year smile-worthy:

-Floss floss floss! This oft-repeated advice is kind of obvious, and you knew it was going to top the list, didn’t you? If you are not already flossing every single day, then making a resolution to start (and stick to) this daily habit is an easy way to improve your oral health. And since oral health and overall health are linked, you can consider this 90-second or so daily commitment an integral part of laying the foundation of a healthier you in 2016.

-Cut back on, or give up, soda (or any acidic or sugary beverage that you regularly consume… that includes diet!) Acidic beverages such as soda, energy drinks, coffee concoctions or sweet tea, even juices, all contribute to weakening enamel and tooth decay. Cutting out the worst offenders would be great for your teeth, but even cutting back is a good move. Try limiting them to just meal times and drinking only water in between. Use a straw any time you do drink these beverages. See if you can enjoy unsweetened coffee or tea drinks.

-Make your routine checkup appointments, and any other recommended treatment appointments, and get it done! Putting off treatment or skipping cleanings just leads to more or worse problems in the long run. Taking care of your teeth within the time frame specified by your dentist is an essential part of committing to having the best oral health you can have.

-Wear a night guard!  It has been estimated that up to 90% of Americans have some degree of clenching or grinding that affects their oral health. Many of them already wear a night guard, but if you have ever been told that you need to wear one and aren’t doing that yet, NOW is the time to start! If you haven’t ever been told that you need one, at your next appointment, ask if you exhibit any signs of clenching or grinding.

At Mall of Georgia Dentistry, we want every smile to shine healthy and bright. A few simple daily things that take only a few minutes can be just what you need to get you on the road to your best oral health and the brightest of smiles in 2016! Have a Happy New Year!


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