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Home for The Holidays! November 21, 2015

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For many people who live far away from their loved ones, traveling to stay with family at Thanksgiving and Christmas time is a holiday necessity! Don’t let traveling or staying away from home become a potential pitfall in your dental hygiene routine. Make plans to take great care of your teeth on the road and away from home. Here are a few pieces of advice:

-Whether your journey to your destination is going to be a long one or not, carry travel-sized toothpaste and a toothbrush with you. Add some floss to your stash too. If you get delayed, or if you just feel like your mouth could use a refresher before you arrive to greet your friends and relatives, you’ll be prepared.
-Remember to pack your night guard! Even one overnight stay without it can result in problems.
-If you rely on an electric toothbrush, bring it with you! It may be bulkier than a manual but that is usually no big deal, and maintaining an impeccable hygiene routine is worth it.

Additionally, it’s always a good idea to stay on time for your regular dental cleanings and check-ups and have any needed restorations done in a timely manner in order to help minimize the chances of something becoming a painful dental issue while you are out of town trying to enjoy your holiday. Most denial offices have limited hours around the holidays, and it would be especially difficult to find one open for dental treatment on a holiday. Be preventative and proactive instead. And be sure to avoid foods and activities that can put teeth at risk, like peanut brittle and pralines, biting into hard candy, or chewing ice.

At Mall of Georgia Dentistry, we hope all our patients are set to have a fantastic Thanksgiving, Christmas, ect.  We wish you a happy, healthy smile this Holiday season and many, many things to smile about!


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