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Do You Love Your Teeth? July 16, 2015

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Teeth are functional but they can also be beautiful. The purposes that teeth serve in our lives are not only daily occurrences, but they usually come up multiple times in a day if not all day long! Consider the following functions of teeth:

 Eating! Being able to chew up food and break it down so that your body can best extract the nutrients is the biological function of teeth. Without teeth, we would be very limited in what foods we could eat and could even risk becoming malnourished.

Smiling! We smile to show friendliness and express happiness to others. We smile in reaction to humor and during laughter. Smiling is a wonderful phenomenon, it feels good to give or receive a smile. The teeth are frequently exposed during a smile, and the bigger the smile, the more tooth it is likely to contain!

Speaking! Many of the sounds of human language use the teeth for their construction. When teeth are missing or malformed, it can make it a bit harder to communicate effectively when speaking.

So after giving some thought to the constant use of your teeth, don’t you love them? How do you love your teeth? Do you brush and floss daily? Do you get professional dental cleanings regularly? Do you wear your night guard, retainer, or sports mouth guard when needed? If you use false teeth, do you love them? Do you keep your denture in a safe place when not in use, clean it well, and take great care of your gums?

If you are careless with your teeth, whether they are natural or dentures, it could cause you to be without teeth for a period of time, and that sounds like no fun! So love your teeth and care for them too!

At Mall of Georgia Dentistry, we love your teeth! We want to help you take great care of your smile by focusing on education and awareness, helping you keep up with your appointments, offering a variety of quality products, and more.  We do it all with a smile, because we love smiles! And we want you to love your smile… and your teeth!


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