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Summer Smile Tips July 2, 2015

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Summer is here in full swing with many more backyard barbeques, vacations, days at the pools, and more in store for us. Here are just a few oral-health related tips to keep in mind to keep your smile bright:

Lavish With Lip Balm- Did you know the skin of your lips can sunburn too? You wear sunscreen when you’re going to be out in full sun for summer fun, so don’t forget your lips! Wear a lip balm with an SPF for 15 or higher. Protecting your lips can even help prevent sun-exposure-related cancers of the lips too.

Careful With The Condiments- barbeque sauce, ketchup, mustard, steak sauce… these fine features of any summer meal from the grill have an have a downside for your teeth- their deep, dark colors make them likely to stain your pearly whites and cast a shadow on your sunny smile! But don’t fret, it can take a lot of exposure over time to make a noticeable difference. Try drinking water between bites and after you finish eating to make sure your teeth are rinsed free of any lingering staining pigments and keep the exposure to a minimum.

Sip Though A Straw- A nice cold lemonade, soda, frozen drink, and other sugary and acidic beverages are even more appealing and popular in the hot weather as a cooling treat. Save your teeth some acid exposure and use a straw… most of these icy treats are great through a straw anyway! Bonus: anything deeply colored and liable to stain your teeth easily bypasses the front teeth when you use a straw too!

Floss Like A Boss- Standard fare at any barbeque can include the likes of ribs, chicken, corn on the cobb, pineapple…. Some of our favorite summer foods are notorious for getting stuck in between the teeth.  If they’re not flossed out, they can irritate the gums and the surrounding tissue can become red and swollen. Carry floss with you and go ahead and floss after you eat, as well as keeping up with your regular daily flossing routine.

Mind Your Mouthguard – If you or your child like to stay active with summer sports,and recreational activities, invest in a mouthguard.  A mouthguard can protect the teeth from chipping, breaking, or getting knocked out.  This is especially important with any type of physical contact, but also with things like biking and rollerblading.

At Mall of Georgia Dentistry we know that some of the best things in summer make us smile, and keeping your mouth healthy and happy makes for even more smiling! So just be aware of these ways to protect your smile while you enjoy your summer, then smile away!


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