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Things to Consider During American Heart Month February 15, 2015

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Oral health and overall health have many established links and research is constantly uncovering new relationships between body parts and health conditions among the connectedness of the body as whole. A consensus review over 100 studies determined there seems to be a relationship between heart heath and oral health. Here are a few of the findings:

  • Gum disease by itself appears to be a risk factor for coronary artery disease.
  • Gum diseases is an inflammatory condition, and the bio-markers of inflammation are a major indicator of heart attack risk.
  • A link was found between clogged arteries in the legs and gum disease.
  • Though gum disease itself hasn’t been directly linked to stroke, gum disease is an important risk factor for diseases of the vessels and arteries that are responsible for the blood supply the brain, which is a risk factor for stroke.
  • The same bacteria found in gum disease are found in blood vessels that are going through atherosclerosis (hardening).

Although the official word on the subject is still “inconclusive”, since no studies have definitively proven that gingivitis,  periodontitis, or poor gum health actually causes diseases of the heart and vascular system, the links are alarming and worthy of consideration. So be diligent with your oral hygiene routine : brush twice per day and floss daily, and get regular cleanings and checkups.
Let us know if we at Mall of Georgia Dentistry can help you with any aspect of maintaining a healthy smile. We carry a variety of products designed to help make taking great care of your teeth and gums as efficient as possible. Electric toothbrushes and flossers, for example, are great modern conveniences that can help make having an ideal oral hygiene routine a breeze. If having great oral health isn’t a reward enough by itself, consider that your whole body might benefit!


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