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Thanksgiving Tooth Tips November 23, 2014

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Thanksgiving is just a few more days away! Because “a healthy smile” deserves a place on the list of things you’re thankful for, here are a few ideas for keeping America’s ultimate day of indulgence a little more tooth-friendly:

Avoid constant grazing. Since preparing and cooking a Thanksgiving feast takes a long time, many families have all-day appetizers while the main meal is being prepared. Having some snacks to keep too much hunger at bay is a-okay, but constant grazing can be hard on your teeth as carbs and sweets are converted to acids that can weaken your enamel after every bite. Taking a break of a few hours between times of eating allows the mouth time to neutralize the acids and teeth to remineralize.

Take it easy on the sticky-sweet foods. Oooey gooey pecan pie may be a Thanksgiving must, but it’s a good idea to lay off that second slice. The stickier and more sugary a food is, the harder it is to wash off the teeth and the longer the exposure to the acid-producing substance. Be sure to drink plenty of water after sticky treats too.

Bring your toothbrush and floss with you. Many people travel an hour or more away from home for their Thanksgiving family gathering. Even if you are just going for the day and not planning any overnight stay, have your toothbrush and floss with you so you can brush up half an hour or so after your meal.

Teeth are an important part of eating and enjoying food all year long, so let’s all take time this holiday to care for and be thankful for the ones we’ve got -even the restorations! That’s not something the earlier settlers and natives had to be thankful for, but we are blessed with excellent prosthetics and restorations in this age of modern dentistry.

Thanksgiving is a time for smiles, so make sure you have yours ready… Happy Thanksgiving from Mall of Georgia Dentistry!


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