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Toothache remedies through the ages September 19, 2014

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Tooth aches have been with us throughout the history of mankind. And mankind has found A number of ways to deal with them.

In Egypt, Egyptians wore amulets in order to prevent toothaches. If that didn’t work, the protocol was to apply a dead mouse to the affected area.

The Romans had quite a different approach to curing toothaches. One Roman writer, Pliny, advised rubbing the bad tooth with the brains of a dogfish boiled in oil. If that didn’t work, he recommended catching up frog under a full moon and spitting in it’s mouth while commanding the toothache to go away.

In the 17th century, conventional wisdom dictated that the “tooth worm” was the cause of cavities. And while noone ever found a tooth worm, there were numerous remedies offered to try and rid the mouth of these mythical creatures.

Thankfully we live in a modern era where we know what causes toothaches and cavities and can offer relatively pain free relief.  And we promise – no dogfish brains.

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