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Braces? Here are some tips for keeping your teeth clean while you wear them July 25, 2014

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Oral hygiene is especially important when you are wearing orthodontic hardware, aka “braces”.  They make cleaning your teeth much more difficult.  However it is very important that you clean your teeth as well as possible to prevent both cavities and gum disease while you are wearing your braces.   Here are a few tips on how to do that.

Brushing – Make sure you clean both above and below the wire.  Use a soft multi tufted microfine bristle brush that will reach all the necessary areas.  Be sure to brush the gum line.  Brush the chewing surfaces.  Ensure as you brush that you do so both above and below the wire as well as on both the cheek and gum side of the teeth.

Flossing – Its a little harder but very important.  You can floss with special floss holders and threaders.  You may also want to consider “interdental brushes”.  And finally you may want to consider a pick that sprays water under pressure as another way to clean between teeth with braces.

Fluoride – What you don’t want to happen while wearing braces is decay and “decalcification”, i.e. the early loss of tooth enamel.  One of the best ways to prevent both of those conditions is to use a fluoride toothpaste.

Mouthrinses – A good, over-the-counter mouth rinse will help reduce bioflim and gum inflammation.  Use it regularly when you clean your teeth.

If you faithfully follow these recommendations, you’ll reduce the possibility of tooth decay and gum disease.  And when the braces come off you’ll not only have a beautiful smile, but a healthy one as well.

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