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Flossing Out of The Box (or the bathroom, rather) March 27, 2014

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If you floss (and surely you do… RIGHT?!), chances are that you do it standing over your bathroom sink in front of the mirror. There seems to be an unspoken rule that one must floss where they brush and the bathroom sink is the traditional location for performing this activity. But if you DON’T floss, perhaps making an unconventional time and place to add this health-supporting activity to your daily routine is right for you. Consider the following ideas:

Floss in the shower – Many people like to brush in the shower, why not floss in the shower? Clean between those teeth while you’re already cleaning everything else anyway.

Floss on your lunch break – Keeping floss in your desk, and making a restroom pit stop after lunch to use it, might be an easier way to integrate flossing into your routine if you find yourself rushed in the mornings and tired and reluctant at night.

Floss in front of the TV – Watch television daily? Just like many people use their hands and mouths to snack in front of the screen, you can use your hands and mouth to floss while you watch. It won’t feel like a chore at all since your main attention will be focused on the tube (just make sure you pay enough attention to your flossing to do it properly).

Floss in the car– If you regularly sit and sit in traffic in a mostly stand-still daily commute, you can make that time useful by doing something good for yourself and flossing your pearly teeth. Keep floss in your car! If it doesn’t sound ulta-hygienic to you, just keep some tissues and wipes, a trash receptacle, and hand sanitizer in the car too.  

Flossing in the bathroom is an obvious, practical idea, and flossing before you brush is great because you can clean away any mico bits that are left behind from flossing, while the toothpaste can get in-between your teeth more easily with any plaque freshly out of the way.   But if- despite all your good intentions- you just can’t seem to get yourself into that habit, try giving one of these other daily flossing opportunities a try and see if it sticks!

Remember that flossing should be performed at least once a day, make sure you curve the floss into a “c” shape, and go all the way up and down both sides of each tooth. What is important is that you DO floss, and it matters much less when and where you floss than it does how you floss. Floss well, floss properly, floss any time and place that works for you, and reap the benefits in your oral health and beyond.

Hope these ideas from Mall of Georgia Dentistry help you keep your smile in fantastic shape! Happy flossing!


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