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Tooth Fairy Trends February 27, 2014

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The Tooth Fairy tradition is done a little differently from one culture to another and even from one household to the next. The most basic version of a visit from the Tooth Fairy is for a child to leave their lost tooth under their pillow at night and find a little money in its place in the morning.  But the Tooth Fairy doesn’t always just stop there!  Here are some of the fun and creative things that everyone’s favorite tooth-loving fairy has been known to do lately:

  • Fairy Dust – Like many fairies, the Tooth Fairy has been known to scatter a sprinkling of sparkling magic dust that often gets left behind wherever she (or he? …the Tooth Fairy is pretty mysterious!) has been.  Sometimes the money that the Tooth Fairy has been carrying around has accumulated lots and lots of this dust and become quite sparkly!
  • Issuing Receipts – Just as most purchases in the realm of humans involve a written record of the transaction, the Tooth Fairy sometimes likes to leave behind a record of how much money was left along with the date and child’s name, as well as other details such as how many teeth or which tooth was purchased from the child.  
  • Paying More for a Healthy Tooth–  It seems the Tooth Fairy often likes to pay more for a natural, sound tooth than for a  decayed or restored tooth.  It only makes sense that the Tooth Fairy would value a healthy tooth over a tooth that has a cavity or filling… after all, if a cavity or filling is present then that means part of the tooth is missing and the Tooth Fairy is receiving less actual tooth! This could also be an incentive for your child to put forth their best effort at brushing! 
  • Tiny Letters and Notes – Sometimes the Tooth Fairy has some words of encouragement or praise to offer to a child, especially if she (he?) is happy to find that the new tooth she (or he?) will be adding to her (or his?) collection was sound and well-cared-for.  A letter or note in her (his?) own tiny handwriting best serves this purpose.
  • Trinkets and Toys- Sometimes the Tooth Fairy prefers to deal in trade rather than cash and will occasionally favor little gifts over money, leaving such things as a little toy car for a boy, or leaving a girl a cute accessory. A fun kid’s toothbrush or tooth-shaped trinket is also a common gift left in exchange for a lost tooth.  

Tomorrow, February 28th, rounds up National Children’s Dental Health Month and is also “National Tooth Fairy Day” (actually, it is one of two “National Tooth Fairy Day”-s, the other being in August). Since the Tooth Fairy’s love of teeth rivals that of any dentist, the tradition can provide a neat way for children to learn to care for and value their baby teeth and an opportunity for teaching the importance and value of the ones they get to keep.  Hopefully you enjoyed learning a little more about Tooth Fairy customs and behavior, and you may find that the Tooth Fairy starts practicing some of these trends in your home soon if she (or he?) doesn’t already! Mall of Georgia Dentistry loves to keep those smiles healthy, and these are all great ways that the Tooth Fairy can help to keep a child’s smile at its best while creating new smiles along the way! 


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