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Dental Tips for Valentine’s Day February 13, 2014

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Another day when candy and sugary treats appear in abundance, here are a few ideas to keep this Valentine’s Day tooth-friendly:

– Avoid including suckers, heart-shaped sugar, and chewy candies in your child’s class Valentines. Consider themed pencils, erasers, or stickers instead.

-Heart-shaped cookie cutters can be used to make your child’s sandwiches, toast, and other food items fun and festive and give normal meals a special touch without having to add any extra sweets to the day.

-Chocolates may not be as bad for the teeth as gummy candies, hard candies, and sticky candies or caramels. Pure chocolate does not tend to stick to the teeth like chewy treats. Choose solid chocolates and skip the ones with chewy and sugary centers. Dark chocolates often contain less sugar than milk chocolates.

-Valentine’s day has lots of traditional options for sweethearts other than candy. Give your loved one flowers, a card, jewelry, a hand-made gift, or a candle-lit dinner instead of a heart-shaped box of sugary things.

-If you receive chocolates for Valentines day, enjoy a few with or just after meal times or in a single sitting to keep from constantly exposing your teeth to sugar. Drink some water after indulging and keep up with a good thorough hygiene routine.  Properly cared for teeth are best able to hold up well to treats.

Treats are fine, as long as you don’t over-do it, and as long as you pamper your teeth with daily flossing, proper brushing, and regular cleanings and check-ups. And remember- sugar isn’t the only way for things to be “sweet”!  Mall of Georgia Dentistry wishes you a lovely and happy Valentine’s Day that is sweet in all the ways that make you smile!


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