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Chewing gum is not only bad for teeth, it may cause teen headaches January 31, 2014

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We’ve suggested to you that regular chewing gum (flavored with sugar) is not good for your teeth (sugarless, in moderation, can actually beneficial), but now comes a report that researchers see a link between regular chewing of gum and headaches in teens and adolescents.

Dr. Nathan Watemberg of Tel Aviv University-affiliated Meir Medical Center has found that gum-chewing teenagers, and younger children as well, are giving themselves headaches too. His findings, published inPediatric Neurology, could help treat countless cases of migraine and tension headaches in adolescents without the need for additional testing or medication.

His findings were pretty dramatic:

Out of 30 patients, 26 reported who stopped chewing gum had significant improvement, and 19 had complete headache resolution. 20 of the improved patients began chewing gum again, and all of them reported an immediate relapse of symptoms.

You can read the whole report here.  If your teen or adolescent is a regular gum chewer and suffers from headaches, you may want to consider  stopping the habit for a while to see if they have a decrease in the number of headaches they suffer.  If not, be sure to switch them to sugarless gum if you already haven’t.

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