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Holiday Smile Tips December 20, 2013

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Want to keep your smile healthy, happy, and bright during the season of sweets, cookies, and holiday treats? You can still enjoy the season without risking your smile by following a few tips:

  • Indulge in sweets and confections at meal times or in a single sitting rather than continuous snacking. Frequent snacking will constantly reintroduce the sugary fuel that causes oral bacteria to create plaque and enamel-eating acid.
  • Avoid chewing on or biting into candy canes or hard candies. Many people break their teeth by eating treats that are too hard to be chewed. Sucking on hard candy is also to be kept to a minimum since it exposes the teeth to sugar over an extended time period.
  • Choose light-colored drinks at you holiday parties. Opting for spite, ginger ale, flavored water, white wines, or spritzers rather than things like cola, cranberry juice, hot cocoa, or red wine will be less likely to cause staining of your teeth. Apply this tip year-round for best results, to preserve the whiteness of teeth. But for those who enjoy deep-colored drinks, using a straw can help, and you can also use a whitening product occasionally for any stains.
  • Of course… continue to brush every morning and night and floss daily too!  Plaque doesn’t take a holiday so neither should your oral hygiene routine!

We hope you’ll be merry and be of good cheer, and a smile is the way to show it. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year from all of us at Mall of Georgia Dentistry!


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