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Dental Check-Ups and Your Overall Health November 24, 2013

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Can a dental check-up catch potentially serious medical conditions before the doctor’s office?

The answer is: Yes! Your dental check-ups may be focused on your teeth, but your overall health is also of concern. Your 6-month appointments include a blood pressure check among the routine screenings, which can sometimes catch early warning signs of health problems and conditions.

Many patients get physicals once per year, and many others visit their doctors less often or only when they are ill.  But visits to the dentist’s office are typically once every 6 months. Maintaining those consistent 6-month routine dental visits is an added safeguard to your overall health. Some patients are alarmed to discover they have high or low blood pressure and are advised to seek treatment from a physician, sometimes urgently!

Hypertension in particular is a major factor in stroke risk, heart disease, kidney disease, and other contributors to early death.  Sometimes a patient’s blood pressure may rise as a result of dental treatment so it is very important to check that it is in a normal or healthy range before certain procedures. In fact, heart health and dental health are linked in many non-obvious ways. Some studies have shown a correlation between gum disease and heart disease, and the potential for oral bacteria to impact heart health.

At Mall of Georgia Dentistry, if we notice anything of concern during a patient’s visit, we promptly notify to them to contact their physician.  As much as Dr. Vancil and the team care about the teeth that make up your smile, we care even more about the whole person behind that smile!  And there can be lots of ways that we can help patients stay healthy and happy that go beyond just the teeth and keeps them smiling. :)


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