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Freaky Teeth! October 24, 2013

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Not all teeth develop normally, which means that sometimes different, strange, or weird teeth appear in our mouths! Here are a few of the more common types of atypical teeth:

Hyperdontia/Supernumerary Teeth – the condition of having extra or additional teeth above and beyond the normal and expected teeth. (The next three terms are a few specific types of supernumerary teeth.)

Mesiodens – this is one of the most common forms of supernumerary teeth. It occurs as a peg like tooth between the central two upper incisors and is usually cone-shaped.

Paramolar – a supernumerary molar occurring among or near the secondary molars.

Distomolar – a fourth (or even fifth) molar that appears in the jaw behind the third molars (like extra wisdom teeth).

Fused tooth – when two distinct tooth formations get fused together while developing, and the erupted tooth makes one solid structure that might look like one large grooved tooth or two conjoined teeth.

Germinated tooth –  usually looks a lot like fused teeth, but the two “Siamese Twin” teeth arise from one tooth bud and share one root.

Microdontia – very small tooth (or set of teeth), otherwise normal in shape and structure but relatively small and undersized.

Macrodontia – large tooth (or set of teeth), otherwise normal in shape and structure but larger than normal and oversized.

These are just a few dental anomalies that are kind of cool and interesting. We’ve come across some of these fascinating teeth at Mall of Georgia Dentistry, some of the team members even have personal experience with them! If you or a loved one has “freaky teeth”… don’t fret! A lot of them are quite common and treatments and procedures exist to help restore even the strangest teeth that can quirk your smile!


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