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Considering Lumineers or Veneers? August 28, 2013

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There are lots of options for strengthening an imperfect smile and improving the appearance for your natural teeth, like whitening, bonding, and ortho treatments such as clear orthodontic aligners, and it is usually advisable to start with one of the more conservative approaches before jumping into Lumineers or veneers.   While they may not be the best option for everyone, Lumineers or veneers might be a good dental decision for certain people for a variety of reasons, including:

  • To hide severe staining or discoloration that is tough or not possible to bleach, such as tetracycline stains, fluorosis, and root canal darkening.
  • To cover up major gaps and misalignment in teeth that can’t be orthodontically treated.
  • To correct the shape and appearance of worn, chipped, or broken teeth.

Luminneers are made of porcelain, and veneers can be made of either porcelain or composite resin, and they cover the front surface of the tooth like a shell (somewhat like a crown, but covering only the front visible surface).  If well cared for, they may last 10 years or more, but if worn, cracked, or broken, veneers must be replaced because of the condition of the enamel after the thinning, etching, and bonding process required to apply the veneers. The process is not considered reversible. This is one of the major drawbacks of the procedure. Lumineers require less prep work to the enamel of the tooth, and in most cases can be removed or reversed effectively. Because they do not require the removal of natural enamel, they add a certain thickness to the tooth and can effect bite or the lips. Both can be very difficult and expensive to maintain, especially without strict adherence to wearing a bite guard!

Because veneers are non-reversible and may require a little extra care to maintain, they are not right everyone, such as those with thinned enamel, active gum disease, or bruxism. There are many other more conservative options to correct or improve your smile that it would be wise to consider before opting for Lumineers or veneers,  but for certain patients Lumineers and veneers may have more advantages. And Lumineers or veneers are sometimes the most effective way to make a major, appreciable change in the the shape, color, and overall appearance of your smile when other methods have not worked.

Both veneers and Lumineers are fairly costly and almost always are paid for out of pocket by the patient as a cosmetic procedure, but having confidence in your smile is truly priceless and can really do wonders for quality of life! And if you’ve had no success with the more conservative treatments, if bleaching, bonding, orthodontia, and other correctional procedures haven’t given you the results you really want form your smile, then you might be a good candidate for Lumineers or veneers. Make an appointment with our office for a consultation with Dr. Vancil  about whether this or any other treatment will help provide you with the most satisfaction in your smile! 🙂


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