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Tooth grinding causes and solutions June 18, 2013

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Have you noticed a bit of a sore jaw, general fatigue and restless sleep along with your teeth looking worn?  You may be grinding your teeth in your sleep.  Known as bruxism, grinding your teeth in your sleep is not uncommon.

Of course it can lead to all sorts of complications beside the symptoms listed above.  Left untreated, it could lead to painful or loose teeth, or teeth that are literally ground down, leaving worn surfaces or fractured enamel.  If you suspect you may be suffering from tooth grinding while you sleep, let us know.  We can usually detect the telltale signs of wear on your teeth, so be sure to mention it.  We can then try to determine the cause and appropriate treatment of your problem.

Much of the time the cause is simple stress.  In that case we may recommend that you wear a plastic mouth guard at night to prevent grinding. The custom-made guard keeps the upper and lower teeth from coming together, helping to relax your jaw muscles, and making it impossible for you to grind your teeth against one another.

Or we may find that you have an abnormal bite, or crooked or missing teeth are causing you to grind.  In that case we’re likely to recommend a different course of action which may include  removing the high spots on the problem teeth. In more serious cases, it might require reshaping or reconstructing the biting surfaces of the problem teeth using crowns or inlays or we may even suggest orthodontic treatment to establish a more functional bite.

Regardless of the reason for your teeth grinding, we can help you find a solution.  Give us a call if you’d like to discuss this and we’ll be glad to answer your questions.

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