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Dental anxiety? Consider sedation dentistry June 5, 2013

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One of the services we offer is something that eases the anxiety some people experience when they think about a visit to the dentist.  That’s sedation dentistry.  Sedation dentistry allows us to provide a variety of dental treatments safely and comfortably for patients who experience anxiety when visiting the dentist.

It lets our patients relax and provides for a much less stressful visit.  It’s benefits are:

  • Less fear or anxiety during treatment
  • More comfort during dental procedures
  • A more relaxing dental experience

There are basically two types of sedation dentistry:

Oral Sedation

Anxiolysis is a light form of sedation dentistry and is often used for patients with mild anxiety or those with longer procedures or more complex situations. Usually administered orally, with mild sedation, you remain awake or very sleepy throughout the entire procedure and are able to breathe on your own, but you will feel a great sense of relaxation. Patients typically recover from anxiolysis sedation within a few hours after the procedure is complete.

Inhaled Sedation

Nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, is the most frequently used method for easing mild to moderate anxiety. Administered through a small mask that fits over your nose, it is an effective way to calm anxiety, raises your pain threshold, and may even make time seem like it’s passing quicker than usual. At the end of your appointment, you’ll resume breathing regular oxygen, and all the effects of nitrous oxide will disappear, so you can resume your normal activities immediately.

One of these choices might be right for you.  Feel free to tell us to discuss these options if you think they’d help your dental experience.

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