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Why Spring is a Good Time to Whiten Your Teeth May 10, 2013

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The number one reason is: photography season! There are perhaps even more photo-heavy occasions in the Spring and Summer than there are for the Holiday season! If you are attending any of the many occasions where you’ll be surrounded by cameras, professional and amateur alike (especially when seemingly everyone has an iPhone or Smartphone these days), you may want to make sure your smile is as fresh and happy as it can be. Time for a “brightening treatment”? Go for a whitening treatment! Consider the follow occasions:

  • Graduations and Graduation Parties
  • Weddings. May and June are considered the peak of wedding season, lasing into the summer
  • Family Reunions. The 4th of July is a traditional family reunion time for many
  • Vacations and Travel

If your plans this summer include any of the above, be aware that the photo-taking will be plentiful! So now you might be wondering: what are some of the best ways to whiten?

  • At home with bleaching gels and trays custom-made to fit your teeth
  • At home with whitening strips
  • In-office with dental professional service

The preferred option for many is at-home whitening with custom-made bleaching trays and a quality carbamide-peroxide gel. Whitening strips work well also, but their much lower strength means it takes far longer than trays to get the same results. In-office whitening treatments are the fastest, lightening teeth several shades in just one office visit, and that’s a great choice if you are short on time and/or happen to be the lucky bride, groom, graduate or center of attention in practically every photograph taken.

A bad idea? So-called “whitening” toothpaste. They mostly contain abrasives like baking soda and hydrated silica. Those things are not effective because they can only remove surface stains from enamel but the color of your tooth is actually determined by the color of the pulp underneath, not the enamel. And while those product do not whiten the pulp they do harm the enamel over time by slowly but surely wearing it away. Avoid them, and choose one of the options mentioned in the previous paragraph for real results and better treatment of your tooth enamel.

All the above whitening methods are available at our office. And of course, Mall of Georgia Dentistry is happy to help with all your whitening needs and answer any questions. Happy whitening!


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