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The Importance of Oral Cancer Screenings April 11, 2013

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The Importance of Oral Cancer Screenings

Oral cancer screening can help save your life….. In this country, one person dies each hour from oral cancer. The overall 5-year survival rate for oral cancer is around 57%. If not caught until the late stages, the mortality rate is approximately 78%, so do the math… that’s a 22% survival expectancy when it’s not caught early. So get screened!

At Mall of Georgia dentistry, we offer a variety of screening techniques:

• Visual Inspection- this is an included service as part of every exam that Dr. Vancil performs. When you come for a cleaning you will automatically get this visual inspection for any signs of abnormalities.
• ViziLite®- This is an enhanced visual inspection where a rinse is used to indicate abnormalities not easily detected by the naked eye. The substance adheres to any suspicious or damaged tissue, but not the normal and healthy stuff, and when viewed under a special light it can be easily seen.
• OralDNA® HPV Risk Test – This is a mouthwash–style saliva collection that can detect the presence of the HPV virus and determine if you are at an increased risk for oral cancer. The samples are collected in our office and sent to a lab for testing.
• Molecular Oral Pap (MOPTM) –This is another swish-and-spit collection technique that can detect biomarkers of genetic abnormalities and HPV . (At this time, non-FSA/HSA medical insurance is required to have this screening done due to its high cost, though the lab currently requires no out-of-pocket cost to patients with qualifying medical insurance. )
• Brush Biopsy- This is exactly what it sounds like- a biopsy of tissue, cells collected with a special brush. This type of exam would be the next step only if there is a visual abnormality present to biopsy. The tissue sample is sent to a lab for results.

At Mall of Georgia Dentistry, we are here to help answer your questions about oral cancer. Please do your part to be an advocate of your own health and talk to us about your risk factors, concerns, and what type of screening is best for you.


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