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5 dental myths debunked March 26, 2013

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These 5 myths perhaps aren’t the worst myths out there, but they are persistent.  We thought we’d try to put them to rest.

Dental Myth: Brushing with salt will whiten teeth.

Dental Fact: Brushing with salt will not whiten teeth. It will cut the gums and rub away the outer layer of the tooth because it is so abrasive. Your teeth may look whiter, but they will be damaged and are likely to need repair.

Remember what we’ve told you about abrasives and tooth enamel.  Along the same vein:

Dental Myth: Fresh lemon juice can whiten teeth.

Dental Fact: Lemon juice, fresh or not, will not whiten teeth. Lemon juice will erode the outer enamel covering of a tooth. This can cause sensitivity and rapid tooth decay. Your teeth may look whiter if you treat them with lemon juice, but they will get damaged and are likely to need repair.

As we’ve mentioned, acid and tooth enamel are not a good combination.  If you want your teeth whitened, check in with us for recommendations.

Here’s an interesting one:

Dental Myth: Once a tooth has a filling or a crown, additional care is no longer needed for that tooth.

Dental Fact: In order to keep the tooth and the rest of your teeth healthy, twice daily brushing and once daily flossing as well as maintaining regular professional dental cleanings and examinations are needed. If proper brushing and flossing are ignored, the tooth will get decay under the filling or crown. This will require a new filling or crown and possibly create the need for a root canal.

Crowns are simply a layer of protection necessary because the tooth is too weak or the cavity to large to fill.  However, tooth care must continue to maintain the health of the tooth and surrounding gums.

Dental Myth: If a patient is not having any dental pain, regular dental visits are not necessary.

Dental Fact: Routine visits for professional cleanings and examinations to check for dental problems are necessary. Finding and treating dental problems when they are small is a more comfortable and less expensive way to take care of your dental health.

Think “preventive care”.  We do it for our physical health and it pays huge dividends.  Our oral care is no different.

And finally, at least for this installment:

Dental Myth: Brushing alone is sufficient to keep teeth clean.

Dental Fact: Brushing is an important part of keeping teeth clean but flossing is crucial, too. Flossing removes plaque and food debris between teeth, which is an area that a toothbrush just can’t reach.

But you knew that.  We just thought we’d take this opportunity to remind everyone to  … brush and floss!

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