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Good oral health for children November 9, 2012

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We know parents have much to concern themselves about as they do their best to raise their children in a healthy way.  Oral health for children contributes to their overall health and should start almost immediately.  Forming good oral habits when they are young will pay huge health dividends as they grow older.

We’ll be running a series of posts here about children’s oral health and what parents can do to improve it.  Some will seem obvious while others may surprise you.  Topics will include:

~Baby bottle decay and how to avoid it.

~Controlling the sippy cup habit

~Pacifiers – when should you withdraw it

~Mouth unfriendly medicines and what to do about them

~Why starting oral care early is important

~How to teach the brush and floss habit

We hope the series and the information we provide will be helpful to parents.  We know you have a big and important job.  In the field of oral health, we hope to make that job easier.  Look for our posts each week.  And if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

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