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Bleaching and Whitening to Brighten Your Smile May 11, 2012

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There are a lot of options when it comes to lightening and whitening to enhance the appearance and brightness of your teeth.  We offer a variety of cosmetic options at Mall of Georgia Dentistry, including veneers, but the most popular way to brighten your smile is whitening with bleaching solutions.
Tooth bleaches contain hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. These substances lighten the teeth by penetrating the porous surface of the enamel and lightening the dentin underneath, oxidizing the stains away. The dentin is what actually determines the color of your teeth since enamel is fairly translucent. Dentin is easily stained by dark liquids and foods, and by tobacco use, but it is also fairly susceptible to the lightening effects of whitening solutions.
Whitening toothpastes generally do not contain bleaching agents, but rather they use abrasives to remove surface stains from teeth… along with some of your enamel! Since tooth color is primarily determined by the dentin underneath, and whitening toothpaste only works on the surface, this is not a very effective method of lightening the teeth, but it is effective at damaging them!  It’s best to avoid them to keep your enamel in better shape.
Most bleaching kits , strips, trays, and even in-office procedures will only lighten the teeth to a point, usually several shades, but often that is a satisfying improvement!  Veneers or bonding can be applied if a lighter shade is desired than bleaching can provide.  At Mall of Georgia Dentistry, we would be happy to assist you with any of your whitening needs… just call or come by the office for some home-use strips, or make an appointment for in-office bleaching, bonding, or veneers!


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