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A Little Reflection on the Thomas P. Hinman Dental Meeting March 29, 2012

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This past weekend was the 100th Thomas P. Hinman Dental Meeting in Atlanta, GA, a comprehensive convention hosting numerous classes, educational presentations, hands-on courses, and product displays with the purpose of helping dental professionals learn, network, and improve their practice for the benefit of all those whose lives are touched by their career. Every year, many of the most renown experts in the field of dentistry are there. In addition to the educational experiences, the convention is a wonderful social opportunity.

Many of the classes and courses deal strictly with the dental business and the science of the medicine involved, but many of them are more broadly focused, such as the course titled “I’m Spread So Thin You Can See Through Me”. This course is geared toward helping busy professionals manage and organize all the demands of work and life beyond to achieve a sense of balance. And other courses, such as those on social media maintenance, emphasize the importance of the relationships we have others, which extend far beyond the scope of just health procedures or business transactions to embrace all the other ways to serve and enjoy one other. Since human connections are at the heart of what is meaningful in our lives, it’s wonderful to learn more about that at a dental conference. For example, the following was shared there:

The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University reports ten benefits to children of frequent family dinners together:

  • 70% Lower risk of substance abuse
  • Half as likely to try cigarettes
  • Half as likely to be a daily cigarette smoker
  • Half as likely to try marijuana
  • One third less likely to try alcohol
  • Half as likely to get drunk monthly
  • Likelier to get better grades in school
  • Less likely to have friends who drink alcohol and use marijuana
  • Likelier to have parents to who take responsibility for teen drug use
  • 40% more likely to say future drugs use will never happen

The main reason for all these positives? Dinnertime is often the only time during the day for uninterrupted communication, and communication is the lifeblood of relationships.

How has your family made dinnertime a priority?


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