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Floss versus AirFlosser September 21, 2011

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Wow.  Phillips Sonicare has done it again.  They are on the cutting edge of technology and really working hard to keep mouths healthy and happy.  Of course, with all of their great hygiene products – none of them work if you don’t use them.  We have been talking a lot about the AirFlosser in the office.  It’s pretty typical that people will say they don’t floss because it’s too hard, it hurts, they can’t reach it, etc…etc.  I could go on an on with the excuses, and evidently Phillips has heard them all as well because they have just answered them all.  I will agree, waterpik is a good instrument, but Phillips AirFlosser BLOWS IT AWAY…. literally.  The pulsation of the water, mouthrinse, chlorohexidine, or whatever you choose to put in it actually removes the plaque layer off the tooth.  Now here is the kicker… it’s NOT FLOSS!  Our entire staff at Mall of Georgia has been using it.  While it really isn’t as good as floss, it’s a really strong second place.  For those of you that just aren’t going to floss, this really could be the salvation of your teeth and gums.  I highly endorse the AirFlosser, and again, while it’s NOT FLOSS, it’s definetly a well behaved younger sibling.


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