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People… November 16, 2010

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So we have been reading “How Full Is Your Bucket” by Tom Rath and Donald O. Clifton as a team.  And you’re asking “what does that have to do with teeth?”  Well, really nothing.  What does it have to do with people?  Well…EVERYTHING! 

People have 20,000 interactions in any given day.  Most of them are negative.  The old adage is garbage in = garbage 0ut.  That can also be translated into Good Stuff In = Good Stuff Out. 

All that to say I had a great interaction with a patient the other day, and it made us feel great.  Everyone likes a little recognition.  I can’t say we’re always THE BEST.  You know how some people feel like “they’re all that and a box of chocolates.”  Well, I strive to be that person, that dentist, that office for everyone.  I know we fall short, but the other day was different.  A patient was kind enough to let me know that Mall of Georgia Dentsitry really made him feel special.  We engaged him on a personal level, and that mattered to him.  And just a simple note saying it was nice to meet you -handwritten-meant a lot.

At our office, our patients are not just a number.  You are a person with a family and friends and your own needs.  We strive to engage each person individually, and figure out what your desires are so we can look for the most efficient way to help you attain your desires.  While we aren’t perfect, we are a group of people who are constantly trying to improve ourselves, so that we have enough in our buckets to fill yours.


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